Swipe left, swipe right, and repeat. To answer or not to answer? Do I want to seem interested? Yes, I’m talking about dating! As a student, you barely have time for washing your hair. But I think that we all deserve some love and excitement sometimes! What should you talk about on a date? Your studies? I talked to a student who is trying to find her way through the dating jungle.

My first question is, do you think being a student and being single goes hand in hand?

Yeah, it’s more fun that way. Many people in my class were in a relationship at the beginning of school. But then every one broke up with their partner during the first year.

Which one do you prefer, start the conversation on a dating app or face to face?

I prefer dating face to face. Like, when you’re at a party, and you see a cute person, you can just walk up to them and say hi. And when you’re a student, you’ll get to know so many new people through your classmates. But during these times the dating apps have been beneficial for meeting new people.

Which dating app do you use the most?

Tinder! But I get the most attention in my Instagram DM’s.

What does a good biography look like on Tinder?

Something could be a conversation starter, like a weird fact about yourself.

And what does a bad one look like?

If your biography contains more than 10 words, then you’ve failed.

Is it easy to fall in only talking about your studies on a date?

Unfortunately yes. I often try to start a fun conversation that is literally about anything else. Still, you can’t click with everyone, so you often end up talking about school. This is a sign that you and this person will clearly get bored with each other really quickly.

Name a good subject to start a conversation on Tinder.

You can either talk about a picture from the person’s profile or their biography. If the person doesn’t have any fun pictures or a good biography, you can always ask them about the distance. Like, “oh, you’re 20km away, what’s happening there?”.

The best day to go on a date?

I would say in the middle of the week, preferably after an exam. First of all, because you’ll be less stressed, and second of all, you can always mention how boring your exam was if the conversation dies.

The worst picture to have on your Tinder profile?

When a person only has one picture of them and all of their friends. I got exams to write and don’t have time to play Where’s Waldo.

What would you do if your date shows up and looks nothing like their pictures?

I would say that I have to go home and study for my next exam. But I will drink up my drink first because I’m a student and have zero money.

Who buys the drinks, you or your date?

It is probably me because I’m terrible with money, but it’s okay because I’m just a student!

Is it clever or not so wise to date someone in your class?

It’s not that smart because it will hunt you for a long time if it doesn’t work out.

Do you have some last advice for your fellow students around the world?

Name your school or what you study in your profile. Even if it’s a dull conversation starter, It’s still a conversation starter.”

I hope that you feel ready to get out in the dating world! And don’t forget, It can start as a boring conversation with a stranger but end up as a fun date with the love of your life.

Written by Antonella Basagni

Artwork by Clémentine Berglund https://clementineberglund.com

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What They Say

Manish Sonal, India
Winner of KTH Masters Challenge 2015 – Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at KTH
“I was always reluctant in applying to foreign Universities due to my financial constraints. Today I am pursuing my Master’s in a subject which I love and feel more confident about my future.”
Saravanan Yuvaraja, India
Winner of GE Light the way Challenge
“GE Light the Way Concepts for the future of Office Lighting Innovation Challenge Competition was one of my best life time experiences. This challenge had given me a chance to know exactly, what the organization is looking from the innovative student community for creating smart and sustainable world in the future.”
Arlisa Febriani, Indonesia
Winner of the Blue Bag Competition 2015 – Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at Lund University
Arlisa’s story is very unique and proof that given the right opportunity, the greatest ideas will succeed. By developing a revolutionary water cleansing system, she proved that anything is possible. This is great news for her, the people of Jakarta, and quite possibly the rest of the world who live in places with little or no access to clean water!
Avon Haughton, USA
Winner of The New School Competition 2014 – Scholarship at The New School in New York
“Winning the competition has been one of my greatest achievements thus far and participating was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to go to The New School!”