How are you all handling the quarantine rules? Being a student often means living in a very compact space. Sitting alone in a tiny room can be challenging, spending a lot of time with yourself. I talked to a student that has been spending a lot of time alone in a 20 square feet apartment.

Hello Amanda! How old are you and where do you live?

  • Hi! I’m 25 years old, and I’m currently living in one of Stockholm’s student complexes. It’s a skyscraper called “Skrapan,” and it is located in Södermalm.

Have you been spending a lot of time alone in your apartment?

  • Yes, it’s been a lot, but here in Sweden, we haven’t had the same lockdown rules as in other countries, so there are definitely other students who’ve been alone for a longer time. 

What’s the longest time that you’ve been alone in your apartment? 

  • I think it was for two weeks. I didn’t leave my apartment for one week, and the other week, I started to take short walks.

What was the most challenging part about being alone in your apartment during this time?

  • Being alone. I’m used to hanging out with my classmates, and during this time, I only saw a couple of them on google meet if they had their camera on. It was the same thing with my best friends. I usually see them a few times a week. 

Do you have any tips/ life-hacks that helped you get through this?

  • Face-Time! Video calls with my friends really helped me. We usually call each other when we wake up, and then we have a co-working space online. 

Ah, that’s very smart! I did the same thing when I was sick and worked from home.

  • Yeah, it’s excellent! Mostly because there are so many in the same situation. 

What was the first thing you did when you were allowed to meet some people again?

  • I went to my best friend’s house. We made dinner and watched a movie. The same thing we did online, but now together.

Do you think that being in quarantine would be easier if your apartment was bigger? Did you ever get a feeling of claustrophobia? 

  • Yes. I felt claustrophobic all the time. I have a lovely view though, but that didn’t help so much. I feel like if you have a bigger apartment, you get a variation of things to do. I had to eat, sleep and study from my bed. 

Yeah, I’ve been there too. It’s easy to do everything in the same place. I was always on my couch. But hey, I at least had one, haha. 

  • Haha yes. It’s essential to like work from your kitchen table and only lay on your couch or bed if you’re about to relax; otherwise, it’s easy to lose all of your routines. And then the days are starting to feel very weird. 

You’re 100% right. Thank you, Amanda, for taking your time to talk to us!

  • No problem, thank you!

And thank you guys for reading this post. Take care and don’t forget to call your friends and family!

Written by Antonella Basagni

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What They Say

Manish Sonal, India
Winner of KTH Masters Challenge 2015 – Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at KTH
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Saravanan Yuvaraja, India
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Arlisa’s story is very unique and proof that given the right opportunity, the greatest ideas will succeed. By developing a revolutionary water cleansing system, she proved that anything is possible. This is great news for her, the people of Jakarta, and quite possibly the rest of the world who live in places with little or no access to clean water!
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