5 things you need to know before college

1. Everyone is nervous about all that’s new Starting college is scary for most students. There are lots of new things which are different from what you are used to. Many have to move away from family and friends to a new city. There are new classes and classmates, and you will have to create […]

What to think about when applying to an international university

1. Get started well in advance  Making a good application that stands out from the crowd takes a lot of time and effort. So one of our best tips is to get started as soon as possible with your application.  There are many reasons to start in time with your application, here are two: Some […]

4 reasons to study abroad

1. It benefits your future career Studying abroad will benefit your future career. You will gain a lot of international experience that makes you more attractive on the labor market.  Better communication skills – studying abroad gives you the opportunity to learn a new language and to improve your English. Being able to communicate professionally […]

3 benefits of meal prep

1. Save time By planning your meals ahead of time and making more servings, you will be able to save time. Furthermore, you will save time by not having to: Waste time figuring out what to cook every single meal Go grocery shopping every day Clean the dishes every time   With basic meal prep […]

8 positive effects of exercise

Regardless if you prefer to do cardio, strength training, balance or yoga – the important thing is that you’re consistent enough with your training so that you can reap the health benefits. Here’s a list of 8 positive effects of exercise: You become happier and have more energy for your everyday life.  Your cognitive ability […]