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Organized by Architectural Foundation of San Francisco

2021 AFSF DESIGN IDEAS COLLECTIVEa month left to enter
  • OrganizerArchitectural Foundation of San Francisco
  • CategoryDesign/Architecture
  • PrizeCash
  • RegionGlobal
  • EligibilityHigh school Students
  • Deadline2021-11-21
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Spurred by future-altering events we collectively experienced, AFSF launched the Design Ideas Collective challenging students to consider how design thinking could address current issues at hand and create a path forward for a better future.

Award categories for Distinction, Exceptional Submission and Best of Class will be given for the best proposals put forth. Please note that Judges reserve the right to adjust awards and categories as they best see fit to provide recognition for projects entered into the competition.

Best of Class
1st Place | $200 2nd Place | $150 3rd Place | $100

As we're contemplating the intersection of the housing crisis and climate change, while also anticipating the growth need of increasingly dense cities, how can we better envision our urban communities for a sustainable future? For participation in this year's Design Ideas Collective, the challenge is to design a housing community that meets our future needs while also creating an inviting and vibrant public realm.
A thought exercise presented at various scales to consider, participants are asked to think critically about how a community is connected and what factors contribute to a livable environment.

To start, participants will be given typical parcels to work with that combine to form a single city block. They have 4 total blocks to consider in their design. Their community should consider housing density and how these homes are laid out while also integrating areas for transportation, energy-generation, green space and street safety strategies. Be sure to tell a story and narrate the vision – the design should have a big idea attached to it as the basis for the concept. There are no limits to participants creativity.

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