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2021 Blue Europe “Conrad Adenauer and Alcide de Gasperi” Writing Contest

Organized by Blue Europe 2021 Student Contest

2021 Blue Europe “Conrad Adenauer and Alcide de Gasperi” Writing Contest3 months left to enter
  • OrganizerBlue Europe 2021 Student Contest
  • CategoryLaw, Education, Tech & Engineering, Business, Social Sciences
  • PrizeCash
  • RegionEuropean Union (EU), Europe
  • EligibilityPhd, Master Students, Bachelor Students
  • Deadline2022-01-31
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750€ cash prize
Blue Europe is an independent, nonprofit and privately-funded think tank based in the EU, made up of several organization working together. It has no political stances and refuses to take any, preferring offering statements, experts informed opinions and studies about the future of the continent and the Union.

Blue Europe, as a Think Tank, deals in Legal, Economic and Political matters, and wants to extend as much as possible the public knowledge of the European issues among its population. To this regard, the board has decided to organize a scientific article writing contest this year as well.

This time the contest is open to all EU and EEA students[1] and recently graduated people. We are inviting graduate students to write about their knowledge field – on any scientific topic of their choosing. It is our hope to discover those exceptional students that not only know their craft, but can also effectively communicate it to the scientific community as well as to the general public.

A prize will be awarded to the author of the article that receive the best note by the jury, will receive a

Original articles may be submitted on any subject among the following: Law, Diplomatic Sciences, Economics , Econometry, Public Policies, Governance, Politics, Information Technology, Business, Technology, Geopolitics, Geography, Infrastructure and History (1) and must deal with at least partially Central and Eastern Europe[2] (2). Those two criteria are cumulative. Finalists will then be chosen across all disciplines by an internal panel of Blue Europe staff, featured writers, and specialists in the various fields of competence. Submissions must have a minimum of 6’000 words, and a maximum of 45’000 words. The submission must be presented in either English or French (Blue Europe working languages).

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