2024 Ocean Awareness Contest

Organizer: Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs
Prize type: Cash
Region: Global
Eligibility: High school Students
Deadline: 2024-06-10
Prize: Cash awards available up to $1,000 USD

2024 Ocean Awareness Contest

Bow Seat’s 2024 Ocean Awareness Contest is now open for submissions.

Bow Seat is an award-winning Massachusetts-based nonprofit whose mission is to engage young people in environmental conservation and advocacy through the arts. Please help us amplify this exciting scholarship opportunity by sharing it with your colleagues and students.

Our 2024 Ocean Awareness Contest – Tell Your Climate Story – encourages you to become a climate witness and share your own unique climate story. We are asking you to creatively express your personal experiences, insights, or perceptions about our changing climate reality. Use this opportunity to learn about the climate crisis and how it impacts your family and community, and to examine your individual responses to our evolving world.

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