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Corporate Alphas

Organized by Habbinson International

Corporate Alphas11 days left to enter
  • OrganizerHabbinson International
  • CategoryEducation, Tech & Engineering, Business
  • PrizeInternship/traineeship
  • RegionGlobal
  • EligibilityBachelor Students
  • Deadline2020-10-31
Go compete!
The Winner gets- INR 7,000, Guaranteed Internship with our company, Alpha Certificate. All participants get a Participation Certificate and a chance to be interviewed by the CEO of Habbinson International.
All that you need to know about Corporate Alphas - Interview & Group Discussion - Training & Competition Corporate Alphas - Learn interview and GD skills & test yourself nationally! The Story: Every year thousands of students sit for interviews and group discussions but only a handful make it to the company. Why so? Do these students lack technical knowledge? Do these students not have a degree? No! All are almost the same as far as technical knowledge and degrees are concerned. But, still, all are very different. This difference is not in the marks or knowledge, it's in the Personality! An interviewer, before you say your first word, has already decided whether you should be hired or not. This decision is made on several factors, the main one being the Positivity you impart. The only way to build this positivity is to think positively in every situation. We teach you this skill, give you the tips to crack an interview, and then test you at a national level by putting you in a pool of talented candidates. Who are we? We are a team of Personality Trainers of the Defence Forces, AVPs of top-notch Banks, German and Indonesian Psychologists, Senior HRs, and Engineers, all focused to take the participants through an insightful drive into the minds of recruiters and train them according to Corporate Expectations. Key Learnings from this Competition: Playing to your strengths in the interview process Negotiating for a better package Using the moral authority frame Corporate expectations from CXOs of top companies To subtly show off technical knowledge The skill of transforming the same answer for different questions The trick to passing psychometric assessments by the HRs Key Takeaways: Better body language Increased confidence in public speaking The clarity in your thoughts and speech Increased convincing and expressing ability The Winner gets: INR 7,000 Guaranteed Internship: A chance to work directly with the CEO of Habbinson International, the top Personality Development company Alpha Certificate: Trust us, this means a lot for your CV All Participants get: Participation Certificate: Be recognized by Habbinson International everywhere you go Interview: A chance to be interviewed by the CEO of Habbinson International. If you pass, you secure an internship. This will be tough. Competition Structure: Day 1: The Interview Training (31st October 2020) 1200-1300: Course introduction and division of applicants in different squads led by Defense Forces Personnel, AVPs of International Banks, Senior Engineers, and HRs 1300-1400: Explanation of Interview Theory and a sneak-peak into the corporate HR mind 1400-1500: Lunch Break 1500-1600: Live one-on-one Interview Training Day 2: GD Training (1st November 2020) 1200-1300: Explanation of the GD Theory 1300-1400: Live GD Training Round 1 will be conducted and tips for improvement will be given 1400-1500: Lunch Break 1500-1600- Live GD Training Round 2 will be conducted followed by a closing speech Day 3: Corporate Interview Finale (7th November 2020) The applicants will now be interviewed live, one-on-one by the CXOs of top companies and rated on their performance Day 4: GD Finale (8th November 2020) The applicants will then be mixed in the pool, divided randomly, and tested in their GD skills Needs for the Competition: The willingness of the participant to Unlearn, Learn, and Relearn! You still think this is not the right time to start preparing for your interview process? There was a man, Beta, who thought the same, see what happened! He slept under the moon, He basked beneath the sun, He lived a life of going to do, And died with nothing done. Don't be Beta! Register Now to be a Corporate Alpha! Fee: INR 1,000 for all 4 days!

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