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Design For Volunteering Contest 2011

Design For Volunteering Contest 2011

For each category 20 projects will be selected and published on the contest's website.

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  • Description

    The European Commission devoted the year 2011 to the universal awareness of volunteering, in an effort to promote a stronger perception of the present-time social issues. The European Union intends above all to reward the commitment of all those who every day give voice to today’s social issues by promoting an ethical and civic progress, envisaging possible solutions to local and international problems, putting duties before rights and deciding to first give and then take.

  • Organizer

    Utilita Manifesta Design for Social


  • Categories

    Arts & Design
    Industry Design
    Graphics Design
    Photo / Digital Arts




    Undergraduate level
    Graduate level
    Postgraduate level
    MBA Student
    High School Students



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