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Pearls of green - Landscape design competition

Organized by UNIEGIS

Pearls of green - Landscape design competition13 days left to enter
  • OrganizerUNIEGIS
  • CategoryDesign/Architecture
  • PrizeCash
  • RegionGlobal
  • EligibilityOpen to everyone
  • Deadline2021-11-02
Go compete!
Winner 6000$
Runner - Up - 1400$ x 6
People's Choice - 600$ x 4
Honorable Mention - 600$ x 12
Brief of the competition

‘Hide and Reveal’ is the essence of this concept and this dynamism generates a sense of rhythm.

With this, the movement of light and darkness, the active and passive nature of spaces, and expansion and contraction in the layout are felt intensely by the person experiencing the garden.
Brief: The challenge of the competition is to design a park that is dedicated to the ‘Miegakure’ form of garden design.
The essence of Miegakure must be extracted in the design. The entire landscape architecture must not be discerned from a single viewpoint. A sequence of views must be created and imagined as a composition from the viewer's experience. Achieving harmony and balance is paramount.

The challenge here is making the geographical constraints of the site work in favor of the design. Playing with the levels on-site can help provide various iterations for design concepts. Transformation of spaces through framing or concealing, and the transition of the viewer’s gaze while walking on a fixed path, must be seamless.

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