Real Moments, Real Impact: LaughOff Video Contest

Organizer: LaughOff
Prize type: Cash
Region: Global
Deadline: 2024-03-01
Prize: Win $1,000! One winner for most creative video. Deadline: 3/01/24, 11:59 PM. Winner will be notified by email. Show us what you got!

Real Moments, Real Impact: LaughOff Video Contest

In an era where social media often showcases a curated version of reality, LaughOff emerges as a breath of fresh air.

Our mission at LaughOff is simple yet profound – to celebrate the unfiltered, the spontaneous, the real. It’s about turning the ordinary into extraordinary, where every genuine laugh and every unscripted moment becomes a part of a larger, more authentic narrative.As part of this mission, we are thrilled to announce the LaughOff Video Editing Competition. This contest is an invitation to creative minds, particularly those with a passion for videography and storytelling, to showcase their skills. The challenge? To create a compelling campaign video that embodies the essence of LaughOff.The significance of this competition extends beyond just the creation of a video. It’s about capturing the spirit of genuine human interactions in a digital era often overshadowed by the pursuit of perfection. We are seeking videos that resonate with our core values, tell a story, evoke emotions, and most importantly, connect with viewers on a personal level.Participants are encouraged to use existing royalty-free videos and audio clips to construct their narrative.

The creative use of these resources is key – we want to see how you can weave these disparate elements into a cohesive, impactful story. Original footage is also welcome, as long as it aligns with the theme of authenticity and realness.

The competition is not just about technical prowess; it’s about the message, the story, and the emotional impact. How does your video make the viewer feel? Does it challenge the conventional social media narrative? Does it inspire, provoke thought, or evoke a sense of community? These are the questions we hope your submissions will address.The winning video will be a centrepiece of our campaign, representing LaughOff in a powerful and meaningful way. It’s an opportunity for you to be a part of something bigger – a movement that champions realness in an often too polished digital world.

For more information and to submit your entry, visit Our submission box will be at the bottom of our website which is just below our Ambassador Program. Join us in this exciting venture and let’s redefine the narrative of social media together.

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