Camposaz 40:40 Trento Edition

Organizer: Camposaz
Prize type: Cash
Region: Global
Deadline: 2024-05-31
Prize: Camposaz 40:40 Trento edition, in collaboration with AGATN, is a 10-day workshop designing and building community installations. Apply with a project, letter, and 35€ fee.

Camposaz 40:40 Trento Edition

Camposaz 40:40 Trento edition is organized in collaboration with AGATN (Associazione Giovani Architetti Trentino) and Comune di Trento. The workshop is included in the “Fiori al centro” festival and in “Trento European Volunteering Capital 2024”. This workshop offers an experience where participants will design and live together with the local community.

Workshop Details
Materials and Tools: All necessary materials and tools will be provided by the organizers. The building materials will be available in standard formats and in a definite amount, challenging teams to optimize the resources effectively.
Design and Construction: The design and construction phases will run concurrently over the 10-day workshop. Participants will learn to design at a 1:1 scale, exploring how this approach can lead to innovative solutions and ideas.
Installations: Two installations will be created during the workshop. One will be located in Giardino Via Fermi, and the other in ECO2_Open park in the northern part of the city. Transportability and prefabrication will be key challenges in the design process.
Community Involvement
In May, local residents will participate in a process led by AGATN to share their ideas and dreams for the areas. These inputs will serve as the starting points for the designs created during the workshop.

Participation Requirements
To participate, applicants must:

Fill out the application form.
Submit a Reference Project and a Motivation Letter.
Join both Camposaz and AGATN associations, with a total membership fee of 35€ (20€ for AGATN, 15€ for Camposaz). This fee can be paid online or on site.

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