Wood self-construction workshop_Camposaz 41:41 Sagron Mis 3.0

Organizer: Camposaz
Prize type: Cash
Region: Global
Deadline: 2024-06-14
Prize: Free

Wood self-construction workshop_Camposaz 41:41 Sagron Mis 3.0

Camposaz 41:41 edition is hosted by the Proloco of Sagron Mis, a small mountain community in the heart of the Dolomites.

Since a few years ago, the association has been organizing an art festival called LAPIS – Laboratorio Artistico Paesaggio Illustrato, which aims at bringing the beauty of art and performances to the village together with promoting young talents scattered across the territory.

Once again this year, we have the precious opportunity to work within the LAPIS festival framework, in which architecture and art will intertwine to enhance the small village of Sagron Mis.

The sites where you can get your hands dirty are plenty, all by the river, building a new Sagron beach. We will work in close cooperation with some artists and illustrators such as Stefano Gaio and Nadia Groff to create a joint artwork. The aim is to create an artwork that can be lived and experienced by people of the community or tourists and can serve as a landmark for the entire village.

For the 41:41 edition, 6/7 participants will be selected to join this adventure! The application requires a motivational letter and a project you are proud of. The workshop is entirely free! Participants will only be asked to pay the registration fee for the Camposaz association of €15.

Interested parties must complete the form by June 14:


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