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Become a YouthLeadG20 Ambassador, Get Certification etc.

YouthLeadG20 Fellowship Program 2023 is an initiative of Udaan Youth Club Tyodhi that aims to bring all the Great Thinkers and Young Changemakers together on a virtual forum to share their opinion around the possibilities of India’s G20 Presidency and youth-related focus areas to give them the opportunity to create, contribute and collaborate to the development agenda of G20.

We wish to spark this conversation with the power of stories, media, tech and events with the active participation of all the stakeholders from G20 Countries.

If you’re an individual who is directly/indirectly contributing to any kind of social reform that is positively impacting the lives of people, we want to meet you through this program.

Selected Fellows will be promoted to YouthLeadG20 ambassadors in which they will be engaged in producing online blogs and virtual talks to structure the effective delivery of their G20 youth-focused areas-related ideas.

– Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation, & 21st Century Skills 
– Peace-building and Reconciliation: Ushering in an Era of No War 
– Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life 
– Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance 
– Health, Well-being, and Sports: Agenda for Youth

Organizer: Udaan Youth Club Tyodhi
Category: Mathematics, Law, Fashion, Education, Natural Sciences, Tech & Engineering, Business, Social Sciences, Arts/Photography, Design/Architecture, Health
Prize type: Other award
Region: Asia, European Union (EU)
Eligibility: Open to everyone
Deadline: 2023-02-12
Prize: Become a YouthLeadG20 Ambassador, Get Certification etc.