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As a student there are several ways for you to get involved in the exciting world of competitions.  At Student Competitions we have plenty of opportunities for students that are interested in engaging themselves and others in competitions! We are a young and global team, and we want you! 

Become a member and sign up for newsletters: First step is to become a member of Student Competitions, this gives you a number of benefits including tailored newsletters about relevant challenges every week. Click HERE to sign up!

Become a Student Ambassador and set up a Local Competition Committee at your university: We are constantly looking for talented students who want to engage other students in taking part in competitions. At this point, we have more than 400 dedicated student ambassadors worldwide. In addition, we are globally establishing Local Competition Committees at universities in cooperation with student unions and student associations. The aim of the Local Competition Committees is to spread information about the most relevant competitions to the students of their university. This includes enabling the spread of information at your university, promoting exciting competitions and events to your peers by using word-of-mouth, digital or social media, and keeping us updated by having an eye out for competitions and fun events. The Local Competition Committee also provides inspiration material and helps students who want to organize their own competitions.

Do you want to know more about how to become a Student Ambassador or how to start a Local Competition Committee at your University? Please contact

Work at Student Competitions: Do you love competitions with all your heart and have a passion for helping other people to become successful and get recognition for their skills? Then you might be the right person to join our team. We are always on the look for brilliant people and if you believe you have what it takes, please contact Since we are truly global company, it does not matter in which country you live. If you think can create value for us, we want to have a chat with you!