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5 Things To Do During Your Gap Year

Are you taking a gap year instead of embarking on a new semester in a university? Explore this article for ways to fully utilise your gap year and make it a fulfilling one.

Many high school graduates are excited to embark on the start of a new semester in their college or university. Some of us prefer to enjoy the unorthodox route of taking a gap year. What exactly is a gap year? A gap year, or a sabbatical year, is when one stops his or her formal work life to rest or to pursue other interests. So what are some extraordinary things that you can do during your gap year? Surely you have thought about it, but here are some suggestions nevertheless.

#1 Explore the world

The number one thing on a gap year to-do list would be traveling. It is not uncommon for students to backpack around the world with their meagre budget. Some of the more adventurous ones even went to the extent of buying a one-way ticket to their first destination and slowly figure their way home. It is indeed exciting and fun, however, it would be a counted as a year of waste if the there is no concrete takeaways from this intensive traveling experience. It would therefore be a good idea for the travelling party to keep a public blog with all of his or her traveling stories that encompass many learning points in it. (Click here to participate in a competition and win travel grants!) 

#2 Work on your heart of compassion

The next favorite thing for a gap year student to do would be to donate one year of their time to volunteer either locally or globally. There are many organizations around that world who are more than happy to take in student volunteers and send them to a less developed country to help out in many areas, such as teaching or even rebuilding homes. Unfortunately, most of us have to pay for our own air tickets and probably fork out additional money to be self-sustaining. Still, there are some programmes that pay allowances to the students. You can probably check out Oyster Worldwide for such a volunteering project. Not only will volunteering help you in personal development, it also boosts your resume by showing how adaptable you are in a different environment and.

#3 Let your creativity flow

If you are always beaming with ideas, a gap year would be an ideal period for you to let out your creativity steam. Start working on your ideas by drafting proposal, drawing blueprints and setting out concrete goals. There are stories of students who were rejected by prestigious universities, used the gap year to invent or redesign a product or service, ended up being welcomed with big hands by the very same universities. You could also submit your ideas to a competition and watch what opportunities it would bring you. So do not waste this year on resting fully. Take some time to develop something praise-worthy and try to apply for a better university. Life is full of surprises.

#4 Learn a new skill, or language

Is there something that you had always wanted to learn? This gap year is the time of your life to fulfil your dream. Start enrolling to classes of your choice. If you would like to learn a new language, I would recommend you to fly to another country and immerse yourself fully in the environment where everyone speaks the same language. Alternatively, if you are actively seeking for free courses, I would recommend you to take up free online courses. Check out our article on 10 MOOC websites to start your free online education.

#5 Retake your examination

If you are severely disappointed with your college entrance results, be it SAT or A Levels, I strongly urge you to not give up. Put on your armor of discipline and study hard to retake your examinations. This time, ensure you have your study subjects at the tip of your fingers. By achieving an excellent college entrance, you would be one great inspiring story. Show everyone how powerful a gap year be!

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Editor's Notes:

Genevieve Leng is a web content writer of She had participated and won in numerous student competitions when she was studying in her high school and university.