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Germany, the Perfect European Destination for International Students

Many international students have contemplated studying in the Europe. In this article, our guest writer pushes for Germany as the perfect European destination for the international students for many good reasons.

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Living and studying in a foreign country provides young students with a chance to experience life outside their backyards. Witnessing a foreign culture introduces them to newer ideas and perspective which they would have never encountered otherwise. International exposure enriches and shapes one’s personal developments, expands one’s horizons. Studying abroad provides a student with a considerably good dose of self-dependence and confidence. An international experience qualifies a student for professions in the globalized world. 

However, it is important that the country and university that you choose outstanding education and an astounding opportunity to develop the professional skills. If you are considering technical/engineering education at you undergraduate or postgraduate levels, then Germany is the best country. German technology is renowned throughout the world. Electric, automobiles, and electronic systems are some segments where we get to see wonders of German technology.

The universities in Germany possess an excellent reputation across the globe for their quality of education and innovation. Technical and engineering sciences have always been a tradition in Germany and thus pursuing education in Germany will certainly help you develop extraordinary skills.

World Class Education System

With its dual education system and world class tutelage resting on the cardinal principle of “unity of learning, knowledge and research”  the universities and educational institutions in Germany have played a significant role in shaping the country’s economic environment where collective and individual innovation, practicality, and responsibility are the drivers of progress and change. 

Germany has a strong economy and this is one of the reasons for the superior quality of its education system. The government of Germany is one of the world’s biggest investors in science-oriented research and development and thus, many German universities lay great emphasis on research whilst providing world class education. 

Studying in Germany has its own unique set of advantages that a student might not find elsewhere. German universities have a great appeal for students hailing from all over many centuries. There are several universities in Germany which are around 100 years old and many noble prize laureates were associated with them. Among the most renowned universities, the German universities include names like Technical University Darmstadt, Dresden University of Technology and others. 

The superiority of learning delivered by the technical universities of Germany is just perfect. There are several institutes that offer B. Tech degree trailed by employment programmes. The electrical, automobile and mechanical industries in Germany obtain aptitudes from these reputed institutes. Placements in these productions open many doors of a bright future for the students. Needless to say that pay packages are quite high. 

There is no denying factor an increasing number of students from across the globe are setting their sights on universities in Germany as the final destination for their pursuit of higher education goals, particularly engineering and technical fields. 

Benefits of Pursuing Higher Education in Germany

Explained below are some of the Reasons to Pursue Higher Studies in Germany:

Interactive Web of Industry Academia and Research

The German universities which are spread all across the country form a strong web of around 300 higher education institutions with a density unmatched  elsewhere in the world. Conveniently located around the focal points of interaction between technological/scientific research centers and industrial plants, these universities provide world-class opportunities which seldom exist anywhere for students.

German Degrees are Globally Recognized

This is one of the major factors that attract thousands of international students to Germany every year. As German degrees are globally recognized, international students can choose to return to their homeland for professional pursuits after completing their education. 

Strategic Location of Germany

Germany shares its border with nine different European countries and acquires a central location in the heart of the continent. Germany is unquestionably the hub of Europe and has been rightly regarded as the technological and economic powerhouse of the continent. Germany is increasingly coming very close to occupy the place which it actually deserves in the world political arena. Thus, studying in Germany opens the chances of acquiring captivating and rewarding professional opportunities not only in the country but at any place in the world.

Affordable Cost of Living and Fees

A majority of colleges and universities in Germany are state financed and thus, the tuition fee in these institutions is highly subsidized. With tuition fee considerably lower as compared to the other developed western countries combined with several students’ discounts and benefits available across the board the total cost of living and studying for students in Germany is quite affordable.

Scholarships and Bursaries

There are three prominent funding sources that are offered in German universities. These include the European Union, the industrial sector and the German government. Having this colossal pool of funding the researchers from a broad array of disciples find virtually limitless possibilities to conduct their research and thus students also get several opportunities to join themselves with these research programs being carried out in their respective fields. This gives them an exposure which is quite difficult to find anywhere else in the world. 

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Editor's Notes:

Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer and a passionate blogger. Currently she is writing content for several websites such as Shiksha.Com that cover latest trends related to education in India and abroad such as these. The above post focuses on Germany as a sought-after destination for International students.