Student Competitions - How To Ace Your TOEFL

How To Ace Your TOEFL

If you are planning to study in English speaking countries or a English programme, it is most likely that you need your TOEFL score. Read on to find ways to improve your . TOEFL . score today!

1. Research TOEFL score requirements

It is important to know how many points you need in order to get into a university or a college you are willing to go. This will help you get a  better understanding of how many more points you need to improve. 

2. Learn academic English

TOEFL is used for a different purpose than other English tests you might have taken at school. It is specifically measuring your ability succeed in an American university or college. You should concentrate on studying language that you would hear on campus and in the classroom by reading textbooks, journals or other research papers. This will help you familiarize the language used in academic material. 

3. Keep on practicing 

No matter how many ways there might be to improve your TOEFL score, the best ways to prepare is to practice taking the test. In this way, you will understand better what you did well and what you did poorly so you can focus on the areas that you are weak in. 

4. Pace yourself

During the exam, monitor your time and pacing of the test very closely. Many students do poorly on their exam because they spend too much time on difficult questions. You should dedicate a certain amount of time to each section of the exam and it is important not to exceed that limit. 

5. Answer all the questions

Never leave a question blank. Eliminate all of the answers you know are wrong and then make a good guess. 

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