Student Competitions - How To Travel With The Budget Of A Student

How To Travel With The Budget Of A Student

As students, we are usually cash strapped. Yet, the fact that we are young made us yearn for adventures and traveling around the world do build us up in certain ways. This article will teach you how to travel with the budget of a student.

In a nutshell - plan it well

The secret to traveling with a tight budget is actually as simple as planning it well and early. Do your research and pick up on places that you want to go. After which, search for the lowest price tickets to facilitate your traveling. Do not look for last minute accommodations because when demand is high and supply is low, you’ll get a room for an exorbitant price.


How do you keep your travel expenses low when traveling from one country to another? Take a budget airline! Personally, I am a big fan of where I am able to search for flight timings that fit my schedule. After choosing my preferred flight, I will go directly to the airline’s website and find out if they have a youth ticket. For example, if SAS is one of the options given by, I would book the flight off their website because SAS Youth cost significantly lower than the normal price.

It is also better to either travel during winter period or much earlier during summer when people are still in the midst of planning their holiday. According to a research done by, the best time to get a ticket is 54 days before the actual flight.


Other than traveling expenses, you have to also keep track of your accommodation expenses. I would recommend using where the rates are much better than other booking websites. I would always compare between, and Why hostel you ask? Because it is the simpler form of accommodation that sacrifices part of your privacy in exchange for a lower rate. Staying in hostel would also allow you to meet new people. Alternatively, you can choose where people rent out a bed or a room in their apartment to earn extra income. However, if it is not necessarily cheaper all the time. If you want your accommodation to be completely free, then check out


For food, I would say splurge a little. Part of the deal of traveling is to expose yourself to the different culture and that means trying out the local food in the country that you visit. So research well on the types of restaurant that you want to go to spend an adequate amount enjoying the local food. If you really want to save up on food, I would say prepare some energy food beforehand and bring it on a trip with you. Here are some good recipes on the types of energy food you can make.


Last but not least, communication is so important that we would want to have a data connection with us to stay interconnected all the time. Remember to ask for WiFi wherever you go, be it a restaurant, hostel or in a shopping mall to communicate for free.

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