Tech for all!

The search for equality is more or less never ending because a perfectly equal world is nearly impossible to attain. But if the mentality is to just give up because it's "never going to happen anyways", then the battle is already lost. Here is a little piece on how Cisco and Sqore values it and what we are trying to do about the tech scene!

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Equal access opportunities for all. It's a bold statement, but it's our goal at Sqore and we are constantly trying to better ourselves in this aspect in order to provide as many opportunities to anyone who wants to participate - regardless of backrgound, race, religion, etc. Why? Because Sqore believes everyone should get the opportunity to prove themselves based on skills and knowledge through competitions! Here is a look at the current state of the tech scene and some of the intiatives that you may (or may not) be aware of.

The Tech Scene - A Boys club?

The tech industry is a heavily male dominated area - a recent study showed that only 27% of workers in the compuer science, engineering, and physics fields in some of the world's emerging economies are female. This in turn leads to a lot potential female tech prodigies to shift their focus elsewhere instead. So much opportunity wasted simply for the preconceived thought that the tech scene is for boys only. The first questions that come to mind when this bitter reality is described range from: "But WHY?!" to "How bad can it really be?" to "Is there anything being done about it?", and that's good!

Thanks to a more open minded approach by more and more people, more action is being taken. Companies like Cisco, Doxa, FairyGodBoss and countless more are actually taking a stand by driving initiatives to show that the tech scene is not a boys club - but rather a place that welcomes anyone with an interest in tech!

What can You do about it?

Educate yourself and share information with your colleagues/friends/family - the tech scene, just like any other industry, is open for ALL. If you're a woman who wants to accomplish something in the tech world - go for it!

Unsure of where to start? No worries, we've got plenty of ways for you to get inspired: