Student Competitions - Ways To Improve Your Employability

Ways To Improve Your Employability

Fierce competition and the current job scenario demands that candidates equip themselves with as much tools and techniques of securing the attention of a potential employer as possible. A respectable degree is not the sole requisite today to land one a decent job. You have to prepare yourself in advance and keep yourself updated with the current market trend, as the one who prepares the best, takes the cherry.

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1. Pursuing Education

Knowledge and education knows no boundaries as the learning process never stops. It is valuable to progress with further education and keep the knowledge track open. Employers respect a candidate’s ambition for further education along with other career goals. It is thus befitting to enroll in further masters, short courses and degrees to increases academic portfolio. According to a recent survey by the Gallup- Lumina Foundation, USA, employers believe that 55% of all jobs in the next ten years at their organization will require some kind of a post- secondary degree, credential or certification. 

2. Go Intern!

Internship experience can add weight to your profile and provide you with valuable experience that can help you in meeting your career goal. Internships are a very good way of learning and gaining knowledge. Many organizations seek interns as part of their recruitment policy. Additionally, they may also result in a full time job opportunity, if there is a suitable vacancy.Internships may be paid or without basic pay, but the experience is what matters in the long term.  

3. Volunteer work

Community service and volunteer work are valued and appreciated at all places. Indulge yourself in helping the society, enlighten the illiterate and make a positive contribution to a noble cause where deemed viable. To start with, one can try volunteering with the city’s municipal organizations and charities that aim to help the deserving. Many renowned institutions and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) today recruit volunteers as part of their campaigns. Community work would also add diversity to one’s Curriculum Vitae and lead to personal and professional growth as an individual.

4. Tune-up your Skills

Skills and practical knowledge never fail to inspire anyone. It is imperative to excel at one’s own field of expertise to secure an ambitious job opportunity. According to survey by Gallup- Lumina Foundation, 79% of business leaders believe a candidate’s applied skills in the field to be very important when making hiring decisions.

Possessing additional skills can also act as the difference between you and other bidding job seekers.

5. Work out your interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills include those skills which a person deploys to interact and communicate with other people. A successful job interview is highly dependent on how well you conquered your interpersonal skills. Impeccable dressing, impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) and good communication skills can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on an employer’s mind.  Interpersonal skills remain one of the most critical factors that can lead to a successful job interview.

The way you present yourself and convince the interviewer of your worth and how you are more suitable for a given post is fundamental in the employer’s decision making process. 

6. Social Networks

According to a recent research report by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 76% of companies revealed that they do an online search to some extent or are planning to make use of social sites for recruitment. This necessitates that one maintains a good online presence at social sites especially LinkedIn to keep up with the changing trends. 

Some employers, although the number is relatively small, also use social networking sites to check or verify a potential candidate before recruiting. So if you strained relations with your previous employer or have a record that does not exactly portray you in good spotlight, there is an option at social sites. It is called Privacy settings!

7. Update yourself!

Keep yourself updated with recent developments in your field and technological advancements. Employers wish to see that the deserving candidate has good familiarity of recent developments and has good acquaintances in the field that could lead to prospects of business development in the future.

Even if you are taking a break from work or suffering from a bout of joblessness, it is vital to keep acquaintance with your field and keep yourself up to date.

These tools and techniques along with a stroke of luck and prayers can help you in achieving the job of your preference. Remember hard work and focus makes dreams possible. The important idea is not to let your career reach a stagnant line. The effort you put in reaps benefits one way or the other.  Good luck!

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