Student Competitions - Why compete?

Why compete?

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HERE ARE 3 reasons why you should compete

Competitions allow you to differentiate yourself

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Competitions are fun, free and fast becoming the key way employers recruit fresh talent.

Competitions allow you to show your skills

Theories learned in school are put to practice in an environment where we can put ourselves against others to see where we stand and learn in the process of doing so. Through challenging ourselves, we get to fine-tune our skills and broaden our knowledge, taking learning out of the classroom and into the real world.

Career boost and win prizes

Competing shows that you are ambitious, passionate and motivated — traits that employers look out for. Cash prizes, scholarships and internships at your dream job are nice surprises and can make a difference!

Winning is easier than you think

Despite huge amounts of money, great opportunities and extravagant prizes, there may not be many entries to the challenge, so your chances of winning are higher! On, you can find competitions that match your skills.

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