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Ruthie Malikha, Malawi

Winner of the 2017 Nottingham Business School Scholarship Challenge

"A partial scholarship will help me to be able to afford to pursue my dreams in attaining a masters of economics which I would otherwise not be able to afford.”

Partner: Nottingham Business School

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Riccardo Natale Spina, Denmark

Winner of the Exclusive interview for the Danfoss Postgraduate Program Challenge

“As the majority of graduate programs the possibility to have mentor, learning modules, job rotation are the best way to start a career”

Partner: Danfoss

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Okolie Jude, Nigeria

Winner of the ESCP Europe MBA Challenge

“When I received a call from ESCP in Paris that I was selected as a champion, I almost lost my voice while shouting for joy!”

Partner: ESCP Europe

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Gillian Miswardi, Singapore

Winner of the Discover Stockholm School of Economics & KAB International Fellows Program

"It’s given me the confidence that I can think critically about topics in business despite not having done a degree in business yet."

Partners: Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) & KAB International Fellows Program

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Timotej Fartek, Slovenia

Winner of the EIT Digital Summer School 2016 Challenge

“Go all in! It’s worth the time and effort. At the end, you will have made new friends, learned some theory and got some hands-on experience.”

Partner: EIT Digital Summer School

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Giovani Pozzo Junior, Brazil

Winner of the University of Edinburgh International Summer School Challenge

“I think Sqore is a great way for people to have access to incredible opportunities.”

Partner: University of Edinburgh Summer School

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Shuo Wang, China

Winner of Swedish Scholarship Challenge in China
Master's Scholarship at Lund University

" I feel I am so lucky. Without this chance, I can never imagine I can study in the top university—Lund University. Life is amazing, Aha! You can never tell what gonna happen in the next second."

Partners: Chalmers University and Lund University

Lee Man Ki and Jin Deng Keith Chan, Hong Kong

Winner of Go Green in the City 2014
A trip to Brazil and USA as well as a job at Schneider Electric in Shanghai, China

"Go Green in the City is a lifetime experience, which has taken us from developing the idea within a team to improving it with our mentor and to presenting it to the judges at Schneider Electric. It is amazing how many people can participate in the competition and receive resources from Schneider Electric to help them move forward with their ideas."

Partner: Schneider Electric

Avon Haughton, USA

Winner of The New School Competition 2014
Scholarship at The New School in New York

"Winning the competition has been one of my greatest achievements thus far and participating was the most fun I've had in a while. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and I can't wait to go to The New School!"

Partner: The New School

Arlisa Febriani, Indonesia

Winner of the Blue Bag Competition 2015
Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at Lund University

Arlisa's story is very unique and proof that given the right opportunity, the greatest ideas will succeed. By developing a revolutionary water cleansing system, she proved that anything is possible. This is great news for her, the people of Jakarta, and quite possibly the rest of the world who live in places with little or no access to clean water!

Partners: IKEA, Mercy Corps Indonesia, Lund

Anmol Dhandhania, India

Winner of KTH Masters Challenge 2015 - Summer Edition
A visit to FormulateIP and an exclusive networking event

"The KTH Masters Challenge is an amazing opportunity for me to get a global recognition and experience that will help me in my future career as an Aerospace Engineer. To be given such an honorable award and opportunity is something that one can only dream of. I am forever grateful to KTH and for giving me and others a chance to prove themselves on a global stage."

Partners: KTH, FormulateIP

Saumil Tripathi, Shreeyash Dharmadhikari, Agastya Sanjai, Jelam Bhatt, Jainam Talsania, Prof. Shilpa Sawant, India

Winners of Google Online Marketing Challenge 2015
A trip to Google HQ and computing devices.

"The Google Online Marketing Challenge is one of the most significant things that happened to me during my academic career. Winning the Global Winner prize has only enhanced its effect on me and my friends' life. We found the competition through studentcompetitions and truly appreciate the work it does."

Partner: Google

Maria Julia Martins, Brazil

Winner of Sweden-Brazil Scholarship Challenge 2014
Master’s Scholarship at Chalmers University of Technology and Summer Internship at Stora Enso

"It was one of the greatest achievements I have had, and it has changed my life completely. By winning this competition I could move to Sweden and study in an excellent university for 2 years, which I am completing my first year now. I embraced this opportunity and I am very happy with “my new life”. I can already notice the positive aspects that this experience has brought to my life now and and in the future, as a professional and as person."

Partners: Chalmers, Stora Enso, Linköpings Universitet, CISB

Fabio Rizzi, Brazil

Winner of Sweden-Brazil Innovation Challenge 2015
Innovation excursion to Sweden

"The Sweden-Brazil Innovation Challenge represents to me a great example of how sustainability can be discussed globally. In this week we were able to get in touch with this strong sustainable trend both in Chalmers and Saab (which were our sponsors) while having the great experience of getting to know amazing people telling their stories in this country. This was very inspiring for me and I will certainly try to bring back to my country and my everyday life some of this modern thinking that swedish society is developing. It was a great international experience in every possible way!"

Partners: Chalmers, SAAB

Daniel Petri, Brazil

Winner of Millennium Youth Camp
All expenses 7 day paid trip to Helsinki, Finland

"Even though I'm still a high school student, I can say with certainty that competitions have opened many doors for me and will continue to do so in the future. It's very rewarding when the results come and you realize that all the hard work, time and effort you put into a project is finally worth it. Thanks to Competition, I now have a place of study in the University of Helsinki. So if you're a student like me looking for opportunities, here's a piece of advice: dedicate yourself to these contests. You won't regret it!"

Partner: Technology Academy Finland

David Murie, USA

Winner of Challenge Your Perspectives 2015
Master's Scholarship at Chalmers University and a summer job at Volvo

"I am very excited to have received this honor and be given such an amazing opportunity. Moving to another continent to continue my studies is something I would not have imagined even a few months ago. This competition has opened my eyes to new possibilities and solidified my belief that anything is possible. The culture of sustainability in Sweden and Chalmers fits well with my career ambitions, and I feel that this is a chance to do something unique and amazing with my career. Huge thanks to Chalmers, Volvo, and Student Competitions!"

Partners: Chalmers, Volvo

Shah Mir Aizaz, Pakistan

Winner of 2015 NASA Space Settlement Design Contest - 2nd prize on global level, UNESCO Writing Contest, shortlisted for "Pakistan's top 50 in 2015
Various Prizes

"Sqore has helped me come across various opportunities and challenges that have assisted me in bagging achievements. I couldn't be more thankful."

Partners: UNESCO, NASA

Saravanan Yuvaraja, India

Winner of GE Light the way Challenge

"GE Light the Way Concepts for the future of Office Lighting Innovation Challenge Competition was one of my best life time experiences. This challenge had given me a chance to know exactly, what the organization is looking from the innovative student community for creating smart and sustainable world in the future."

Partner: General Electric

Vivek Suresh Dalvi, India

Winner of Challenge Yourself India 2015
Travel Grant to Sweden

"This has been greatest opportunity I have been provided thus far in my educational career. I feel I have gained much through the process of participation both professionally and in terms of personal development. I recommend this competition to my friends, excellent organized and great communication with the organizers. It is a credit to all involved!"

Partners: Swedish Institute, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg

Manish Sonal, India

Winner of KTH Masters Challenge 2015
Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at KTH

"I was always reluctant in applying to foreign Universities due to my financial constraints. Today I am pursuing my Master's in a subject which I love and feel more confident about my future."

Partners: ABB, Ericsson, Saab, KTH

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