Welcome to the Winner’s Gallery! A place dedicated to winners of our competitions from the past, and perhaps also a place to draw inspiration from. Join us as we celebrate our champions!

Idan Yoav, Israel
Bachelor winner of European Fashion Award FASH 2022
Jury’s appraisal: Idan Yoav excels with an expressive costume design that convincingly combines tradition and modernity, as well as radiating an overflowing lust for life. The very independent silhouettes work well, the quilts and embroideries are of very high quality. In keeping with his career and training as an artist, professional dancer and fashion designer in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Paris, London and Berlin, Idan Yoav is able to virtuously combine a wide variety of influences into a coherent and mature artistic achievement and also justify it. – Member of the jury Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant
Viola Schmidt, Germany
Student winner of European Fashion Award FASH 2022
Jury’s appraisal: Viola Schmidt impresses with a purposeful creativity and a good limitation of ideas. Despite diverse inspirations and her wide range of excellently implemented techniques, she achieves a very coherent overall picture. Her qualification as a master tailor is evident in the very accurate craftsmanship and the coherent fits. Her beautiful portfolio is very neatly presented and easy to follow, making you want to see more of her work. Qualities that are much needed in the fashion industry. – Member of the jury Mela Bauer, Managing Director Fashionagency Melagence
Goh Seng Jone, Malaysia
Winner of Estonian Business School Scholarship Challenge
“Winning this competition gives me comfort and peace of mind, which will allow me to put full focus on my studies.”
Maeira Imtiaz, Pakistan
Winner of the University of Southampton Challenge
“It was my dream to get myself enrolled for studies in a highly ranked foreign institution and when I found about this competition, it just ticked all the boxes”
Leiriane Pires Rios, Brazil
Winner of Chalmers University of Technology Challenge
“This competition provided me a lot of knowledge and this fact in itself was already a win to me.”
Ruthie Malikha, Malawi
Winner of the 2017 Nottingham Business School Scholarship Challenge
“A partial scholarship will help me to be able to afford to pursue my dreams in attaining a masters of economics which I would otherwise not be able to afford.”
Riccardo Natale Spina, Denmark
Winner of the Exclusive interview for the Danfoss Postgraduate Program Challenge
“As the majority of graduate programs the possibility to have mentor, learning modules, job rotation are the best way to start a career”
Okolie Jude, Nigeria
Winner of the ESCP Europe MBA Challenge
“When I received a call from ESCP in Paris that I was selected as a champion, I almost lost my voice while shouting for joy!”
Gillian Miswardi, Singapore
Winner of the Discover Stockholm School of Economics & KAB International Fellows Program
“It’s given me the confidence that I can think critically about topics in business despite not having done a degree in business yet.”
Timotej Fartek, Slovenia
Winner of the EIT Digital Summer School 2016 Challenge
“Go all in! It’s worth the time and effort. At the end, you will have made new friends, learned some theory and got some hands-on experience.”
Giovani Pozzo Junior, Brazil
Winner of the University of Edinburgh International Summer School Challenge
“I think Sqore is a great way for people to have access to incredible opportunities.”
Shuo Wang, China
Winner of Swedish Scholarship Challenge at Lund University
“I feel I am so lucky. Without this chance, I can never imagine I can study in the top university—Lund University. Life is amazing, Aha! You can never tell what gonna happen in the next second.”
Lee Man Ki and Jin Deng Keith Chan, Hong Kong
Winner of Go Green in the City 2014 – A trip to Brazil and USA as well as a job at Schneider Electric in Shanghai, China
“Go Green in the City is a lifetime experience, which has taken us from developing the idea within a team to improving it with our mentor and to presenting it to the judges at Schneider Electric. It is amazing how many people can participate in the competition and receive resources from Schneider Electric to help them move forward with their ideas.”
Avon Haughton, USA
Winner of The New School Competition 2014 – Scholarship at The New School in New York
“Winning the competition has been one of my greatest achievements thus far and participating was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to go to The New School!”
Arlisa Febriani, Indonesia
Winner of the Blue Bag Competition 2015 – Full Scholarship and living costs paid for at Lund University
Arlisa’s story is very unique and proof that given the right opportunity, the greatest ideas will succeed. By developing a revolutionary water cleansing system, she proved that anything is possible. This is great news for her, the people of Jakarta, and quite possibly the rest of the world who live in places with little or no access to clean water!