About Us

Studentcompetitions.com is the world's largest community of talents passionate about competing and connecting with global opportunities through showing one's skills. Studentcompetitions.com is powered by Sqore.com, the market leader for organizing online competitions.

How passionate are we about competing? Here's how:

Our company is specialized in organizing and marketing global, regional or local competitions for connecting the global supply of talents with local demand. 

The company is driven by the founders' passion in competing since their days as students, taking part in and winning various competitions. The company's founders have participated in - and won numerous of competitions, including European Business Plan of the Year, St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, San Diego Venture Challenge, Deloitte Excellence Awards and many more. Winning competitions gave them opportunities to travel, network, win prizes and above all, have fun. 

Student Competitions winning the Deloitte Awards 2011: Project of the Year. (Photo credits: Jezzica Sunmo, Universum)

Gustav and Robert represented Student Competitions in the San Diego State University Venture Challenge 2011 and won the first prize. (Photo credits: Student Competitions)

Through competing, the team has realized that although countless opportunities were available for students, many of these are hard to find. To solve this problem, Studentcompetitions.com was born to gather all important opportunities for students in one place.

Part of SC's team SC today. (Photo credits: Student Competitions)

What started out as a competition listing service in 2010 has now grown to encompass a whole range of products and services. Apart from connecting students with opportunities, the company now provides organizations with competition-related services to achieve desired goals – opening up new dimensions in employer branding and challenge-driven recruitment. 

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The company has now grown into an international team of twenty highly-driven and fun-loving individuals who now form the heart of the Student Competitions community, located in the Stockholm HQ. Our employees represent ten nationalities and we can serve clients in every market with 'glocal' knowledge about talents and competitions. We invite you to drop by for a coffee or get social with us on FacebookTwitter, Renren and Weibo.

Find out more about the team on the Team SC page and browse through our website for opportunities and more.