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As a student, you’re probably looking for innovative ways to make money on the side while studying at the university. In this article, we’ll explore some innovative ways for students to make money during their university studies.
Lots of students begin college every year. For many, it’s unknown territory – it might even seem a bit scary. Here are 5 really useful things you need to know and should be aware of before going to college or university.
There are many reasons why you should study abroad. In this article, we list the benefits of studying abroad, and give you valuable tips on how to gain the most out of your study time abroad.
Life as a student usually means having limited spare time and a tight budget. Spending time on cooking or eating out is not optimal for student life. A great method for solving this is meal prepping, which offers a way for students to manage their daily life more efficiently. Here are 3 reasons why you should start using this method today.
We already know that exercise comes with a lot of health benefits, but we often prioritize other things over regular physical activity. You need to make it fun and pleasurable! Try different forms of exercise until you find the one that suits you best.
Being a student often means living in a very compact space with limited storage. This often makes a room look messy since all your things end up a bit everywhere. This can easily be avoided with planning, smart solutions and creativity. Here are 4 tips on how to maximize your compact living.
Students know how stressful and demanding it is to study for an exam. We often find ourselves spending hour after hour in front of the computer, studying and memorizing our notes. And sometimes it feels like the hours pass by and nothing gets done. At this point it is time to take a break.
Today, with so many resources and networking opportunities available, the interest in startups is at an all time high. Some of the most famous companies have been started by university students – Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Reddit. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when starting a startup!
What will you do after your studies? Maybe you know, maybe you don’t have a clue. Being a student means that you’re still learning, trying, testing. Attending competitions can help you find your dream job, get in contact with future employers, or maybe help find out what you definitely don’t want to do.
We all know that it’s good to sleep, but not so many of us are good at sleeping. Being a student means that studying is kind of what your life circles around. But you’re more than that! There’s always a party somewhere, a new series on Netflix that you want to binge-watch, or a friend to take care of because they just got dumped.
Do you work out? Still in pandemic mode? You know you don’t need a gym card, right..? Well, here are some basic exercises you can do to stay (or get) in shape at home. It’s not that hard, and you know it’s good for you, so – enjoy!
Studying from home, there’s a whole science behind it. Are you doing it on your bed, by the kitchen table, or maybe on your sofa while having the worst posture a human being can possibly have? It’s difficult to create a study place where you feel motivated and creative. Here are 4 steps to get that workflow going!
Are you new to student life? Do you feel a bit lost without your routines? Having breakfast in bed, taking a nap after lunch, and having your pyjamas on for the entire day. But now, when this dreamy scenario suddenly turned into your everyday life, maybe your pyjama is starting to feel a bit depressing?
The Curriculum Vitae – or CV – is the very first impression delivered to the human resource manager of an organization. And the first impression tend to last. Therefore, your CV holds a very prominent status in your career building. Here are 10 great websites that help you create a an amazing CV.
How often do you challenge yourself, pushing the boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone? Think of personal or physical challenges, think of challenges at school or at work. You could take them on. Here are 10 reasons we should challenge ourselves.
Getting the right internship can have a huge impact on your career. That’s why you want to make sure you find the perfect one, and then make sure you get it! These 10 steps will guide you through each stage of the process.
Everyone wants to be a High Achiever, but most of us just dream the dream – we don’t actually get down to it, working hard for it. But if you are considering the aspect of being a High Achiever, here are 5 tips to get you started.
An HR manager often takes less than 10 seconds to scan a resume before forming a judgement. To help you stand out amidst the thousands of applicants, here are some things to take into consideration when crafting your resume.
Writing your very first cover letter may seem like a daunting task, but once you are done with it, you can proudly send it out with your resume to make yourself look impressive. Here’s how to write a complete cover letter that would create a great first impression.