Student Competitions specialize in reaching students from all over the world. No online listing of academic competitions gives you a better reach.

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Our mission: finding and reaching the right students for your competition.

We segment on several variables, from age and education level to field of interest and geography. Our platform gathers students from all over the world, eager to compete and contribute to the world, while at the same time being exposed to and embracing your brand.

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With our loyal follower base of competitive students, we will take your competition to the next level.

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We have several ways to further boost your competition, such as a featured post always on top on the competitions page, custom emails and/or promoting on our social media, organic or paid. To prolong your activity, you can also publish your winners in our gallery or have a native post in our Student Magazine. Tick the “BOOST” box when submitting your competition, and we will get in touch.

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