For students

We gather competitions targeting students with the purpose to make it easier to find competitions to compete in and contribute to the development of our society.

Our main focus is to gather relevant competitions within various fields of interest and studies. Whether you study law, engineering or something entirely different we have competitions for you.

Benefits of competing

The labor market is very competitive, especially when new to the industry. Newly graduated students need a competitive CV to gain the employers attention. By participating in competitions students show engagement and interest in their field which provide a competitive advantage in a future employment.

Winning the competition has even larger advantages for example the student can win prize money, scholarships, conference participation and last but not least a foothold in the right industry.

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About us

Since 2009 we have worked to build one of the world’s largest platforms for global student competitions. We gather competitions within all fields of studies from design and art to architecture, economy, physics and international business and more.

A complete site where students can find competitions within their specific fields of studies. By competing and winning different competitions the students gain a competitive advantage for future employment. By winning competitions they have the opportunity to win prize money, scholarships, conference participation and last but not least get a foothold on the right market.

For organizations and companies competitions the platform assists in widening the reach and increasing the competition entries. More and more companies arrange competitions for recruitment purposes and to attract students to their talent programs. Because of this, our platform is the perfect match where both students and companies can find what they are searching for in a future employment or employee.