How To Get Your Dream Internship

A good internship can steer your entire career down the right path. But don’t wait until you’ve done an internship to aim high – find the internship of your dreams and go for it!  Here are 10 steps that will help you get the internship you’ve always wanted: 1. Actively look for internships. If you […]

5 Tips To Being A High Achiever

#1 Work on something that you don’t necessarily hate The phrase ‘find your passion’ is just too mainstream and possibly not the best advice around. We know that passion can range from anything to everything, including lazing around in bed. Finding your passion may be a good step to being a high achiever, only if […]

Tips For Crafting Best Essays

The first aspect for any good and competing essay is the topic and its exposition during the essay deliberations. The topic should be clear, cogent, unambiguous and should relay the real essence of the matter to be covered. After a good topic sentence or statement is scaffolded, it is important that the author visits many […]

10 Presentation Tips For First-Time Presenters

David Ogilvy’s tip is very relevant today… “In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Management cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good presenter.” (To present in your related study […]

Problems That Can be Faced By International Students

Language: This challenge is commonly experienced by students moving to countries where a different language is used. With the diversification of education and the introduction of exchange programs, sometimes it is essential that students from a given university tour another. When this is the case, the foreign students find it difficult to communicate with the […]

8 Things That Should Be On Your Resume

During job applications, many companies are still sticking to the traditional method of reading resumes. With over thousands of resumes lying on an HR manager’s desk, the smartest thing to do would be scan through a resume quickly before deciding if the applicant is suitable for a position. In fact, usually, an HR manager would […]

Template of a Good Cover Letter

A cover letter is a prelude to your resume. As a complementary entity, a cover letter should not contain achievements and academic track records that can be found on your resume. Instead, it should act as an introductory letter that allows your prospective employer to better understand you prior to an interview. It is thoughtful for […]

How Participating In Competitions Can Benefit Your Student Life

Substantial Experience Gain  Very few opportunities in the average student life provide such exposure and realistic outlook towards the competitive nature of real life in such a short span of time as competitions provide. Students recurrently go through a series of brainstorming sessions, rapid problem solving sequences and experience a totally diverse form of learning, […]

10 MOOC Websites To Start Your Free Online Education

1. EdX EdX courses are designed to be interesting, fun and rigorous. They are the best courses, from the best professors and the best schools, spanning dozens of subjects. Orgininally founded by Harvard and MIT, EdX now offers courses from 29 of the top schools around the world. Start studying with EdX and have fun […]

How Students Can Prepare for the Technology Jobs of the Next Decade

Author Bio: Sheela Joby is a guest blogger and career counselor at She helps international students with admissions to US, Canada, and Australia universities. Almost all corporate experts predict that the next industrial revolution is on the way. And it will just take half a decade to completely grip this world. If the last one was […]