Call For Ideas: Marsception 2024 Architecture Competition

Organizer: Volume Zero Competitions
Category: Design/Architecture
Prize type: Other award
Region: Global
Eligibility: Open to everyone
Deadline: 2024-04-26
Prize: Prizes of total USD 4000 broken down as follows: 1st Prize: USD 2000; 2nd Prize: USD 1200 ; 3rd Prize: USD 800

Call For Ideas: Marsception 2024 Architecture Competition

Volume Zero Competition is back with its 2nd edition of the Marsception Architecture Competition. Calling for all architecture design students, young professionals, innovators, seasoned professionals, and others to be a part of the 23rd edition of our architecture competitions. This competition presents the opportunity to create a utopian tomorrow, making mankind a multi-planetary species.

The last few centuries have seen Mother Earth grappling with mounting pressure towards her resources due to mankind’s quest for a better life. This persistent pressure has now compounded into unpredictable and irrevocable changes to our climatic conditions and atmosphere. To relieve this mounting weight, we have been taking huge strides in our efforts to find resources on other planets like Mars for a clean and sustainable future. With the latest edition of the architecture design competition, we aim to celebrate individuality, redefine sustainability, and exalt simple, resourceful living. Be a part of this movement; join a new wave of habitat designers!

The previous decade has witnessed MARS as the center of attention for becoming a potential new habitat for the earth’s future population, resulting in a Martian race. With many visionary organizations and their ground-breaking explorative studies and research, the unseen future of inhabiting the Red Planet is now a real possibility.

“Mars is THERE, waiting to be reached.”– Buzz Aldrin {(Former Astronaut) Him and mission commander Neil Armstrong were the first two humans to land on the Moon}


We invite architects, designers, students, teachers, engineers, artists, visionaries, and everyone who believe in this unseen future and a possibility of utopian future. The participants are to create a self-sustaining living space for the initial habitants, a group of five researchers, of the Red Planet. These researchers are to further study and explore Mars to understand its resources for inhabitation and other human necessities. The 5 researchers have been carefully selected to understand various parameters to validate the idea for the existence of life on Mars. The participants are to design functional, sustainable spaces that cater to the needs of these five researchers.

The spaces for the program include:

• Living Area
• Sleeping Area for five
• Cooking Area
• Research Area
• Interaction Spaces
• Areas for Sanitation and Bath
• Recreation Area
• Controlled Areas for Farming
• Any other spaces that the participant wishes to specify.

The participants are to select a location anywhere on the topography of Mars.

With interplanetary travel for humans, not a far-fetched idea and innovations made every day to make it a reality soon. It is now time to imagine and create a new civilization. A civilization the world has dreamt with an opportunity to design the future architectural prospect on the Red Planet for others to follow.

Mars awaits its very own ARCHITECT!


Marsception 2024 – The Architecture Competition is open to all. We invite architects, students, engineers, product designers, thinkers, companies, organizations and everyone interested in the mission of the competition to submit their ideas. No professional qualifications are necessary.

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