Designverse Awards 2024-2025

Organizer: Designverse
Prize type: Other award
Deadline: 2025-01-27
Prize: Designverse Awards 2024-2025 is calling for submissions globally in the design fields of architecture, landscape, interiors, products, industrial, etc.

Designverse Awards 2024-2025

Designverse Awards, as a core product of YoungBird’s global design ecosystem big data research & service platform, evolved from Designverse Ranking, which went online in 2019 and continuously accumulated data and judgment criteria. After three years of operation, it has upgraded to Designverse Awards.

Designverse Ranking is an important component of the Designverse platform, developed based on global design awards and professional media data and algorithms. It fills the market awareness gap for development and design agencies. Through user co-construction and continuous collection, refinement, extraction, and summarization of actual projects and events, it allows global development agencies and design resource agencies pursuing beauty and quality to connect.

Designverse Awards is an award platform that connects design resource agencies and development agencies, accurately targeting the design resource pool of design subfields for development agencies, and empowering design resource agencies. Through the unique functions of big data and data monitoring, search ranking, resource linking, and brand promotion provided by the award platform, it allows them to reflect on their position in the design industry and solidify their brand through the promotion and publicity services of the award platform.

Designverse Awards aims to recognize design agencies, brands/companies, and highly influential events that have made outstanding contributions to the big design industry chain. Through rankings’ digital filtering and platform empowering by content promotion, we provide participating agencies with long-term brand growth incubation and consulting services, support originality with awards, and help participating agencies enhance the value of their digital assets, enabling them to be discovered and recognized by the industry, and to tap into a wider range of potential business opportunities. Furthermore, the award serves as a platform center for publicizing intellectual property rights, assisting in confirming the publication dates of entries’ intellectual property, supporting and encouraging the originality of entries, and providing support and endorsement for the rights protection of entries.

The final jury panel of the Designverse Awards consists of industry leaders who have a concrete understanding of the big design industry ecosystem, accumulated cooperation experience, and judgment, as well as specialized judges with international perspectives and experience leading renowned works. Together, they evaluate the “Designverse Awards Jury Grand Prize” in various subcategories of space, product, and brands/major events categories, and select the “Designverse Awards Outstanding Prize” from them.

The “Designverse Awards Outstanding Prize” includes six Outstanding Prize in space category (architecture, landscape, interiors, technical consultants, professional consultants, specialized consultants), four Outstanding Prize in product category (residential, office, social and leisure, transportation), and two Outstanding Prize for annual major events.

Members of the final jury panel have the right to recommend 2 participating agencies directly shortlisted for Nomination Prize, and also have the right to set up Special Jury Single Prize. The final jury panel of 2024-2025 Designverse Awards will gradually announce 18 specialized judges after the launch of the awards.

The evaluation process of the Designverse Awards is divided into two stages:

First Stage: Preliminary Evaluation Stage

The Designverse Big Data Research Center assists the Awards Committee in selecting and evaluating the “Designverse Awards Nomination Prize” and “Designverse Awards Special Honor Prize” based on statistical analysis and search rankings derived from the platform’s big data, which permeates the entire industry.

– Search rankings of design resource categories within the designverse platform serve as important criteria for evaluation.
– For space category (architecture, landscape, interiors), rankings from the designverse platform are referenced as important evaluation criteria.
– For product and brands/major events category: The Designverse Big Data Research Center gathers comprehensive insights from multi-dimensional public opinion trends across the entire web. It extensively covers, identifies, and focuses on various clues and sources, including traditional media, internet/new media.

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