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We specialise in reaching international students in higher education through competition marketing. We have the tools required to increase the impact and reach for your competition.

Our main focus is finding and reaching the right students for your competition. We segment on several variables from age to field of interest and geography. Our platform gathers students from all over the world who are eager to compete and contribute to the development of our society.

Take your competition to the next level with help from our loyal follower base of students and our social media team. Together we work to widening the reach of your competition and increase the number of competition entries.

As a host of a student competition, you have a unique opportunity to reach your specific target audience through our platform. When you want to give your competition an extra push, we offer the opportunity to advertise and feature it at a cost via our website, newsletter and social channels.

Via our website, newsletter and social media you have the opportunity to reach a total of:

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About Student Competitions

Since 2009, we have worked to build the world’s largest platforms for global student competitions. We gather competitions within all fields of studies from design and art to architecture, economy, physics and international business.

This is a complete site where students can find competitions within their specific fields of studies. By competing and winning different competitions the students gain a competitive advantage for future employment. By winning competitions they have the opportunity to win prize money, scholarships, conference participation and, last but not least, get a foothold on the right market.

More and more companies arrange competitions for recruitment purposes and to attract students to their talent programs. For organizations and companies competitions, the platform assists in widening the reach and increasing the number of competition entries. Because of this, our platform is a perfect match, where both students and companies can find what they are searching for in a future employment or employee.