Top 5 Apps For You To Use While Being A Student

Math Alarm Clock – Wake up!  Getting up in the morning is not always easy. Especially if the night before was wildly celebrated. But there is a solution for sleepyheads: The Math Alarm Clock App! In order to turn off the alarm, a mathematical task has to be solved. And the alarm does not stop […]

Top 10 Reasons to Challenge Yourself

Why should we challenge ourselves? By doing so, we are able to…  #1 Grow as an individual  It all starts with you. By competing, you are able to discover more about yourself and what you are good at, improve your knowledge and skills in familiar topics and learn more about things that you are not […]

Improving Your English – A Game Changer

“Which language should I choose?” No language is “better” than the rest. Your preferences will also play a role in deciding which language you want to learn, but if you’re looking to be practical – there are some languages which are more widely spoken such as Mandarin, English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, and many more. The […]