10 reasons to challenge yourself as a student

How often do you challenge yourself, pushing the boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone? Think of personal or physical challenges, think of challenges at school or at work. You could take them on. Here are 10 reasons we should challenge ourselves.

Why should we challenge ourselves? Here are 10 great reasons:


1. Grow as an individual 

It all starts with you. By competing, in any context, you will discover more about yourself and what you are good at, improve your knowledge and skills in familiar topics and learn more about things that you are not as good at. You will also be able to grow as a person as you engage in introspective thinking, becoming more spontaneous, humble and honest.


2. Gain awareness, knowledge and skills

It is a pity if we miss out on chances to expand our horizons and enrich our experiences. Make it your personal mission to “seek awareness” and broadening your perspectives. The more we know, the more we realise how little we actually understand about the world and the things around us. Be curious! Like Steve Jobs said: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Only then will we learn and grow. So, challenge yourself!


3. Become healthier both physically and mentally

“Health is Wealth.” Indeed, a healthy body yields a healthy spirit. We can physically challenge ourselves to exercise and eat better.  We are also able to challenge ourselves mentally by reading more, learning new things, taking part in competitions that will test our skills – more of challenging ourselves and less of competing with others. A healthy and active mind will keep us physically well, too!


4. Save money

Fact: It is a challenge for students to save money. Many of us spend it on the latest gadgets, clothes, accessories, books, going out with friends to the movies… The list is endless! Money will not buy happiness, but it can help us rest easier and enjoy life more. Set goals and challenge yourself to save by asking: “Do I really need this?” You can also set a weekly or monthly budget and track your expenses in a logbook. Good luck with this!


5. Achieve one goal every month

Sit in a quiet room and think of a list of things that you have always wanted to do. Write these down and try to achieve one every month or two. Not only will this remind us of our aspirations, it will also allow us to have goals to achieve, getting creative in fulfilling them!


6. Advance in your career

Are you satisfied with your grades at school, your position and performance in your school organisation, or your career position? If you answered yes, good for you. However, many of us are not completely happy with status quo, and we want to find ways to improve it. Create a list of goals that you wish to achieve and set out possible steps to achieve them. Be it trying out new methods of studying or improving hands-on skills by taking part in competitions, a conscious, well-thought-out set of goals can challenge us and help us improve our current situation.


7. Become a better friend or partner

Friends, family and good health are important things in life. Having good, real friends is more often than not needed in our lives to provide mutual support, allowing us to grow and be happy. But are we being the best friend we can be? Do we listen enough? Do we reach out enough to show them we care? Being a good friend is hard work and requires conscious, consistent effort. Challenge yourself to become a better friend will make you and your friend’s lives happier and better in more ways than one.


8. Seek inspiration and be more creative 

All great artists and innovators learn one golden rule: inspiration must be sought. We need to be creative and seek inspiration – it does not simply knock on our door. So, go outside. Experience new things. Challenging yourself to find ways to become inspired is a must.


9. Gain new experiences and have more fun

The alarm clock goes off, we get up and go through our daily routines, then return home to finish off our day with chores. Sounds familiar? Many of us go through a routined lifestyle, but it can often get mundane and boring. The truth is, it’s easy to do the same old thing. It can even make us feel safe. But, why not challenge ourselves to try new things and gain new experiences? It can be learning how to ride a unicycle, to cook or take part in competitions. We can meet new people, learn more, have more fun, improve our skills and grow as a person. We may even be rewarded with new opportunities such as scholarships, internships, experiences, and ultimately a better life!


10. Achieve peace and happiness

Peace and happiness are usually the end results of successful challenges, but they can be challenges all on their own. Why not challenge yourself to be happier and find more peace? Think of what makes you happy and at ease – note them down. Make it an effort to slow down to smell the roses and give yourself room to relax once in awhile – you deserve it! Having time for yourself to unwind and do the things you love is important for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Keep these 10 reasons in mind and be on your way to challenge yourself today!

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