Clubs and societies to look out for at your university

Many universities provide clubs and societies related to your courses, hobbies, sports and much more. Some are faculty led but most are created and managed by students themselves. If your university gives you an opportunity to join a club or a society – take it!

Clubs and societies can help you keep up with your course workload, engage in relevant networking for your dream job, or learn new skills. But more importantly, it can become a space where you can express yourself and find a circle of like-minded people that might end up becoming your closest friends (not to forget about the parties they host). It’s a great idea to hold a few memberships, as you might benefit from each one in a different way.

Here are 4 types of university clubs and societies, and what you could expect to gain from each one of them.


1. Course Related Societies

Course related societies have most probably gathered the knowledge about all tutorials, group work assignments and lecturers which will help you smoothly sail through the course. Do NOT pick more than four people for that Finance 101 group assignment, and yeah, tell Dr Johnson you love Edvard Munch so she will remember you as a student. In course related societies, you will be reminded of important deadlines, you might get recommendations for essay topics and you will learn from the top students!


2. Networking Societies

Do you want to stand out among thousands of applicants for a position at a top tier company? Do you need to make connections for your future start up? Then Networking societies might be the thing for you. Many networking societies organise events with inspiring guest speakers or representatives from various firms with big names. This is a great opportunity to connect and to gather real life knowledge about the corporate world.


3. Culture Societies

If you study abroad, missing the food or music from your home country, or if you just want to learn more about another culture – head to the international societies section! This is a great way to find new friends with a common interest, and you will always have something to talk about.


4. Sport Societies

You will probably spend a lot of hours sitting at the library, so it is important to find a way to keep your body active! Many universities invest a lot into their sport facilities, and if you choose a competitive sport – no bonds are stronger than the bond you create with your team!


Finally – what happens if the club or society you want to join simply doesn’t exist? THEN START IT! It is really just as simple as that. Have fun!


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