Choosing the right stream & courses in India

You have to do well in so that you can choose your favourite stream for further studies. Here are some useful tips for students in India. And here’s wishing you all the best for the first big test in your life!

So, you live in India and you are prepping up for your class 10 board exams. Do well, and you might then be able to choose your favourite stream for further studies.

The subjects you study in class 12 greatly affects your career in the future. And in order to choose your favourite stream, you will have to perform at your best in class 10 board exams. For example, if you are keen to take up science stream, you have to secure good grades in mathematics, physical science and life science. On the other hand, if you are interested in taking up humanities, your scores in language papers, history and geography will matter a lot. In case it is the commerce stream that you want to go for, you have to score well in mathematics. It is worth mentioning that your overall marks will also play a crucial role in getting you the desired stream. 

In class 12, your study-programme will include six subjects: three main subjects, two language papers and one additional paper.


Science Stream

Subjects included in science stream: 

• Physics 

• Chemistry

• Biology

• Mathematics 

• Computer Science 

• Biotechnology 

If you want to study medical sciences in graduation, you have to keep Biology as one of the main subjects. For those who are interested in studying engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be the three main subjects. Both medical science and engineering are competitive fields. Every year, a large number of aspirants apply for getting enrolled in the top engineering and medical colleges.

So, how can you grab a seat in a big institution? The answer is simple: brilliant scores!  If you wish to take up any of these subjects as your area of specialisation in graduation and post-graduation courses, you have to work hard to achieve high grades in that particular subject in class 12 board exams and also, overall. 


Arts/Humanities Stream

Subjects included in arts/humanities stream:

• History 

• Geography 

• Psychology

• Political Science 

• Sociology

• Economics 

• Sanskrit 

• Philosophy 

• Anthropology 

With specialisation in humanities, you will come across ample career options. You may choose to become an historian, geologist, psychologist, sociologist or economist depending on your choice of subject at college and university level. With graduation in Philosophy or Sanskrit, you may opt for a teaching job in private or public schools, while a master’s degree in the same will help you qualify for the post of Lecturer at colleges and universities. 

Journalism is a popular career option amongst students having a good base in English language. With a bachelor’s degree in English followed by a degree in Journalism, you can land up a news correspondent’s job in print or digital media.


Commerce Stream 

Subjects included in commerce stream: 


• Economics 

• Business Studies 

• Mathematics

After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, a majority of commerce students pursue a master’s degree in business administration, popularly known as MBA, CA or Chartered Accountancy degree or Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA degree. There are many students who prepare for banking jobs after graduation.


Professional Courses to Boost Career Advancements  

Formal education can give you the career you desire, but pursuing some relevant and significant professional or career courses can offer you an edge over thousands of aspirants. For instance, an ability to communicate well and eloquently is necessary in every profession. That is why a course in communicative English can develop and hone your communication skills. Also, good computer skills are essential. So, enrol in a computer basic course to work on computers with speed and efficiency. 

You will get a big break after class 10 board exams. Contemplate on your career aspirations and pursue the above-mentioned professional courses during this long gap. When the results come out, it will be the time to act, not to think hard.  

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