Create your space

Studying from home, there’s a whole science behind it. Are you doing it on your bed, by the kitchen table, or maybe on your sofa while having the worst posture a human being can possibly have? It’s difficult to create a study place where you feel motivated and creative. Here are 4 steps to get that workflow going!

1. Pick your place

The first thing you need to do is to pick a place. Maybe by a window so you can get some rays of sunshine on your face, or in a corner where no sunshine can find you because it bothers you like crazy when the sun reflects on your screen. The choice is yours, but it definitely makes a difference.


2. Control your space

The second step is to take control of your space. This is a lot easier if you’re living on your own, but there’s still hope if you’re not. Inform the people that need to be informed that this is your place, so everyone keeps their hands off your stuff.


3. Make it nice

The third step is to decorate your space. This might be the most important part. Decorate it with stuff that you like, because now you don’t need to worry about if your colleagues will appreciate your big abstract poster – just get it up on your wall! And don’t be afraid to surround yourself with some color. The color red can give you energy, green can unlock your creativity, and blue can calm you down. So rip out some nice pages from a magazine in these colors if you have some extra time to kill. Or do you have access to a printer? Even better, print out everything that you like!


4. Take a break

The fourth and last step is to take breaks! Spending most of your time at home is difficult for many of us, even more for some. So don’t forget to call your closest ones to see how they are doing, check out Netflix – and don’t forget to check on yourself sometimes too!

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