Top 10 CV-making websites for students

The Curriculum Vitae – or CV – is the very first impression delivered to the human resource manager of an organization. And the first impression tend to last. Therefore, your CV holds a very prominent status in your career building. Here are 10 great websites that help you create a an amazing CV.

1 Reed CV Builder 

Reed is a well-renowned recruitment agency that provides professional services to individuals residing in the United Kingdom. Reed has an extensive professional network all over the United Kingdom. It provides a free service to make your CV based on your professional skills and credentials. Thereafter, it posts your CV on its vast network where you will be given access to a number of recruitment firms.


2 EuroPass

EuroPass is an online service that provides easy-to-use tools to facilitate individuals in making a professional CV. You can find a number of sample CVs in their database to make a more compelling CV. Although it doesn’t have an online network, you can make the CV, save it digitally and/or print it out.


3 CVmkr

The CVmkr site provides an interactive interface for its user, where they can create attractive and professional CVs in a matter of minutes. The site provides its services for free and holds a record of over a million CV downloads by users. 


4 Hampshire Connections

Hampshire County Council provides a free of cost service to make proficient CVs. The site doesn’t require any sort of registration, and you can start off immediately as you enter the website. The site provides the progress status as you make your CV. It also adds extra features to your CV, such as your family information, which is not included in most traditional CVs.


5 National Career Service

The site builds your CV according to your requirements and desired career objective. It also offers the service of making cover letters since most of the recruitment agencies require a well-written cover letter along with your CV nowadays.


6 Live Career

Live Career is America’s top-rated online website providing the service of making CVs online. You can either start from scratch or upload an already existing CV. The website guides you step-by-step through your CV building process.


7 Resume

Having nearly half a million active users from around the world, this website provides a step-by-step guide to making a professional CV. All you have to do is select a template from their online collection and start entering your data accordingly. It will ask you to enter your education, qualifications, and past employment history. And within minutes you will get a proficient CV glorifying your skills and capabilities.


8 Resumizer

This website provides a free service to build your CV in a few simple steps without having to register with the website. All you need to do is follow some easy steps and choose a style for your CV from their collections and you will have a persuasive CV in a matter of minutes. You can also update your CV later on.


9 Novoresume

This website focuses on what’s really important – the content. They help you by providing helpful tips for each section in their intuitive resume builder. Novoresume’s content optimizer analyzes your content and offers live revision ideas and suggestions that will increase the quality of the content. 


10 Canva

The Canva website lets you simply choose the perfect template and add the required credentials to make your resume stand out and it is absolutely free to use. 


By selecting any of the above-mentioned websites, you will get an equally professional and attractive CV that will surely be an advantage when job hunting. Now you have learned how to create a good cv, its time to search for a job – good luck!

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